Performance-based, body-centered coaching for individuals and groups. 



My name is Meg Wolf, nice to meet you.

I am passionate about using the power of presence to facilitate deeper connections between people and within their work. I coach in a wide range of business segments, including tech, education, non-profits and the financial industry. 

To help leaders develop their presence and communication skills, I draw on my MFA, sixteen +years of experience as a performer and writer, and my background as a founder and business owner.

“This will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the way I interact with people at all levels throughout my company. Meg did an excellent job bringing out the best from the group which was very hesitant to start with. I would highly recommend Meg to anyone looking to improve their presence and develop themselves.”

~ Workshop Participant, Harvard Executive Education

Coaching Specialties



Stakeholder-Centered Coaching: deep, data-driven process that reveals your true relational footprint. Accurately knowing how others experience you will transform your behaviors rapidly. This process includes building your capacity to recruit social proof of your ongoing growth through regular feedback conversations. 


Conscious Leadership Development: drawing on the neuroscience of positive psychology and mindfulness, the practice of conscious leadership enhances meaning and purpose in our internal culture and outward business impact. Pinpoint and scale values through the cultivation of more explicit ethics that will guide decision-making and leadership. 


Embodied Leadership Presence: refine your awareness of your defaults to move from habitual to intentional, reactionary to responsive. Build your skills in body language-literacy, audience-focused messaging, high-stakes performance, improvisation, perspective-taking, and emotional intelligence.

Resilience Training: increase your capacity to find perspective amidst change and strength in uncertain times. Grow your resilience and agency based on hard-won data gathered from personal survival experience.


One-on-one Coaching

Private coaching sessions deliver individualized exercises, guided practice, and ongoing feedback for the development of presence and communication skills.


  • Relationship-building and trust 

  • Leadership and executive presence

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Body language fluency

  • Influencing through story

  • Audience-focused messaging

  • Expressive congruency

  • Leading without positional authority

“Meg was my 1:1 Leadership Presence coach for 6 months. Before my training with Meg, I struggled in situations where I was put on the spot to speak to a group of people. I also had difficulty connecting with non-technical audience when giving presentation about highly technical topics. Meg helped me develop frameworks for both situations and provided additional tips on handling high pressure situations and help ease myself when presenting to large group of people. Since my training with Meg, I feel more confident, more relaxed in my communication with senior executives. I have received very positive feedback from people I work with telling me that they feel a big positive difference in how I communicate.”

~ Coaching Client, Bain Consulting 


Workshops & Seminars

Workshops for groups and corporations can be customized to suit the particular needs of your company. 

They generally run from two to four hours long and can accommodate up to eight attendees.​

Workshop/ seminar offerings include:

  • Own your Space: Strategies for Women in the Workplace

  • Storytelling in the Business Context

  • Pitch Perfect: Nailing the Art of the Pitch

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Lateral Leadership: Influencing Without Positional Authority

“Meg rocked! She guided the group flawlessly - gave valuable feedback and was incredibly generous - this was an amazing experience!”

~ Workshop Participant, Hearst 







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